Wordpress Care Plans

Keeping your website up to date, and using a reliable host is key to ensuring your website is doing it’s job.

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Once your website is live, it’s important to protect it from malware and hacks that can take your site down and affect your Google rankings, as well as keeping the tools in the site updated to make sure the site is running quickly and efficiently.

Not all hosting plans are created equal.

For example, does your hosting take regular backups? And what’s the fee if you need to revert to a previous backup? Some hosts can charge $250 + for this task, which is a regular occurance for many websites. How many websites does your host have per server? For many hosts this can be up to 1000, which is not only a security risk, but it also slows down your website, affects your SEO and overall client experience.

Don’t have time to maintain your website or worried you might break it? Want peace of mind that your website will run the latest version without conflicts?

With our website care plan, we take on the stress of technical maintenance so you can focus on and grow your business. 


$50/ month

suitable for service based websites

  • Dedicated private website hosting on an Australian server
  • Maintain active SSL certificate
  • Transactional email service (to ensure forms, confirmation emails etc are delivered)
  • Daily backups stored in a secure offsite cloud location
  • Plugin, theme and core updates for added features and security patching
  • Access to agency level plugin licences to improve site speed, SEO and design capability (worth over $600AUD per year)
  • Does not cover maintenance for e-Commerce, booking or directory functionality
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$135/ month

suitable for service based websites

  • Everything in Glide, plus:

  • Monthly site optimisation (revision + database cleanup)
  • Uptime monitoring and priority resolution in the case of any downtime
  • Spam comment removal
  • SEO keyword tracking
  • Google Analytics overview
  • Broken link monitoring
  • Monthly client report
  • 30 mins of support/website changes (does not roll over)
  • Reduced hourly rate for further technical support
  • Does not cover maintenance for e-Commerce, booking or directory functionality
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although these plans are for sites we build or re-design, we welcome clients who are looking for a long-term relationship with a dedicated Website Support Developer.

We first like to do a Website Evaluation to become familiar with the website, how it was built and any potential issues that can arise. With the evaluation, we will perform all the “Website Updates and Monitoring” tasks and make a full backup. Most importantly we will make a list of issues to fix and suggestions for improvement needed in order to proceed with the website on a monthly plan. Based on your type of website, this Website Evaluation is a fixed fee.

Regular backups are the most critical thing you can do to keep your site safe. Even if your site gets hacked, having backups will allow you to restore your site to a point before the hack.

Without a care plan you may have to spend countless hours rewriting content, uploading images, editing settings, installing plugins and tweaking settings to get your site back to its previous state.

Our backups of your website are stored off-site to minimise risk.

There is a lot that happens on the back end of your site to keep it running smoothly, even if you are not making big changes to the front end of your website.

A Care Plan ensures that the WordPress CMS, your site theme and all of the plugins that are used (an average site has 15 to 35 plugins) are being kept up to date to ensure your site is functioning properly and stays secure.

We update your website once a month at a minimum. Most of the time your site is updated weekly. 

Some updates may be delayed due to conflicts or security risks. If this is the case, we will update them as soon as they are safe to update.

For those clients with a Plus package, you receive included support time. This can be used for:

  • Content updates
  • Changing of images
  • Answering questions about your site
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Vetting and installing new plugins

Additional support time is charged at $70 per hour for Maintenance clients.

The whole purpose of our client plans is preventative care, so we hope to prevent anything from happening.

If your site goes down, we will work directly with your hosting company to get it back up.

If your site has errors or breaks, we will provide up to an hour of fixes due to update breaks.  If the fixes are longer than an hour we will roll the website back to a backup and provide a quote for the fixes.

We cannot promise your website will not be hacked but can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups.

If your site is hacked, you will need to get a Sucuri hack removal for $499.99. If you are on our website maintenance plans, our time to work with Sucuri is covered including updating any software post clean up. The only cost to clean up the hack is the Sucuri subscription for 1 year.  If you are on our website WP Engine hosting plan, the cleanup is included in the hosting plan.

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